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  • The goal of the K-12 Health and Physical Education Department is to expose students to as many developmentally appropriate experiences as possible.  The Health and Physical Education Department is divided into three sub groups.  Elementary School (K-5), Middle School (6-8), and High School (9-12).  Students have Health Education in 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 10th grade.


    Elementary students are taught a comprehensive Physical Education curriculum by licensed physical education teachers.  During elementary years, many of the units taught are divided further, K-2 and 3-5.  In kindergarten, the focus is on establishing routines and teaching students what is expected in the gymnasium.  Once students understand their basic responsibilities, and what it means to be in school, the focus shifts to PE concepts and life skills.  Some of those topics/concepts include:  locomotor and non-locomotor movements, body-space awareness, self-awareness, following directions, balance, listening, moving safely, self-management, and self control, being respectful to all, teamwork, cooperation, compassion for others, and personal responsibility.  This approach ensures that younger students have the basis of understanding they will need to be successful as they mature and progress through each year of their development.  These basic themes and life skills will be the main focus of the Physical Education curriculum throughout the students' elementary years.  With this base, most children are ready for more complex activities.  Once students begin third grade, the focus shifts to skill-based activities.  Some of the units include, cooperative games/challenges, basketball, hockey, soccer, and lacrosse.  By the end of fifth grade, students will have a well rounded understanding of not only Physical Education concepts, but life skills as well.  Framingham K-5 PE Curriculum Guide  During fifth grade, in addition to Physical Education, students have their first exposure to Health Education.  The fifth grade Health curriculum is administered by a licensed Health Educator.  Topics include: an introduction to Health, physical, emotional, and social health, nutrition, drugs, medicine, vaping, alcohol, disease prevention, and growth/development (puberty).  This instruction is designed to supplement the information the student may receive at home.  Families are encouraged to initiate dialogue with their children to ensure appropriate responses and positive attitudes.  Prior to the start of the Puberty unit in the Spring, there is a parent/guardian information presentation, that all families are encouraged to attend.  Massachusetts Comprehensive Health Curriculum Framework


    Middle school students are taught comprehensive Physical Education and Health Education curriculums, by licensed Health and Physical Education teachers. At the Middle School level the combined, coordinated focus in Physical and Health Education is not only the physical health of the student, but the social-emotional health and well-being of the student as well. The curriculums are designed and implemented with the Massachusetts Comprehensive Health Curriculum Framework, The National Health Education Standards, and the SHAPE America National Health and Physical Education Standards in mind.   In physical education, the skill development that was introduced at the elementary level is continued and refined, as well as introducing more fine motor skill development.  Also, game play concepts and strategies are introduced.  Students participate in a variety of units ranging from volleyball, hockey, basketball, football, fitness, and cooperative challenges.  Health Education is designed to provide important information to students on a variety of topics, as well as  to help students learn and practice decision-making skills that will help in their positive decision-making processes.  Some examples of the topics covered are, stress management, decision making, sexuality, vaping, drugs, self-esteem,  and relationships.  Due to the many physical and emotional changes that students experience during their middle schools years, it is vital that students gain the information and knowledge to take care of themselves and make positive decisions in their lives.  The Health and Physical Education curriculums are designed to aid in this positive growth and development as students prepare for High School.


    The Physical and Health Education program at Framingham High School is designed to provide students with a variety of activities that will promote the core concepts of the Massachusetts Comprehensive Framework (Comprehensive Health Curriculum Framework) as well as the SHAPE America National Standards.  These core concepts are health literacy, healthy self-management skills, and health promotion.  Through the coordinated teaching of health education and physical education, these core concepts are achieved.  Each discipline has a delineated responsibility of addressing certain standards within the four strands of the health framework:  physical health, social and emotional health, safety and prevention, and personal and community health. Through the health and physical education offerings, students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities and will know the implications of and understand the benefits from involvement in lifelong physical activities.  Students will learn factual information and develop the necessary skills to make informed choices and apply them to daily situations.  Students will engage in promoting a positive learning environment within each class, while understanding the benefits of upholding this attitude in their daily lifestyle.  The Health and Physical Education elective program will enrich and complete a student's career at Framingham High.  Through the elective program, students will have the opportunity to develop areas of interest and become exposed to healthy competition, personal awareness, and future academic success.  Students are encouraged to become involved in these offerings.

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  • Mike Koziara
    K-8 Health and Physical Education Department Head
    Extension: 26742    mkoziara@framingham.k12.ma.us

    Mike Foley
    High School Health and Physical Education Department Head
    Extension: 27513 mpfoley@framingham.k12.ma.us

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