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  •  The goal of the Health and Physical Education department:

    The goal of the K-12 Health and Physical Education Department is to expose students to as many developmentally appropriate experiences as possible.  The Health and Physical Education Department is divided into three sub groups.  Elementary School (K-5), Middle School (6-8), and High School (9-12). 

    During elementary years, many of the units we teach our students are divided further, K-2 and 3-5.  When students start in kindergarten, we intially work on establishing routines and start teaching students what is expected in the gymnasium.  Once students understand their basic resposnsibities, we start to practice  locomotor movement skills and non-locomotor skills, body space awareness, self awareness, following directions, balance, listening, moving safely, self management and self control, being respectful to all, teamwork, cooperation, compassion for others, and personal responsibility.  This approach insures that alll our younger students have the basis of understanding they need to be succesful as they mature and progress through each year of their development.  With this base, most children are ready for more complex activities by mid second grade.  However, every group of students is different and within those groups their are varying levels of ability.  With this always in mind, we design our lessons to insure that all children will gain some level of success.  What is most importnat is that all children try their best.  We continue working on building that base and building good citizens from the start of kindergarten through fifth grade and into middle school.  Our ultimate and broad goal, is to build our students into responsibile people.  Content specific, we are generally, by the end of second grade, onto exposing students to more fine motor skills, specific sport skill basics, and game play concepts, techniques, and startegies.  

  • Mike Koziara

    K-8 Health and Physical Education Department Head


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    Mike Foley

    High School Health and Physical Education Department Head


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