Director's Greeting

  • Dear Students and Parents:

          Welcome to Thayer Campus.  The underlying philosophy of our program is the belief that every student possesses the potential to achieve and experience growth in learning.  The goal of our educational process is to help our students make their thinking more visible and maximize their potential.  In order to achieve these goals, our program provides a safe, collaborative environment in which students begin to identify and utilize their strengths.  Thayer Campus is a program for students who have not been able to succeed in a traditional academic setting. 

         At Thayer Campus we provide our students with a supportive environment and with goals that are attainable.  Consequently, we expect students to show an improvement in school attendance and academic performance.  Self-esteem should also increase along with appropriate behaviors and communication skills.   Our staff believes that not all students learn in the same manner or at the same pace.  We also believe that an individualized education is a more personalized education.


    Lauren Carreiro - Director

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