Welcome to McCarthy School

  • A Message from Our Principal

    Welcome to the McCarthy School! We are looking forward to an exciting school year to continue our collaborative efforts in providing exciting and worthwhile educational opportunities for our students. We are extremely proud of the community we have maintained here since the school opened in 1952.

    Our staff is committed to ensuring a safe, caring, inclusive, and challenging environment in which your children will be actively engaged in, and taking ownership of, their own learning.   We are also committed to challenging ourselves to model a growth mindset that we wish to instill in all members of our school community.  We want our students to recognize that it is their effort, perseverance, and willingness to seek out learning opportunities that will determine their academic and social success.   In addition, we will help students to respect themselves and others, to understand and appreciate differences, and to hold themselves to high standards. 

    Cynthia Page
    (508) 626-9161

    History of McCarthy School

    Our school opened in 1952 as the Warren Oaks School, named after two neighboring streets. In 1969, the community renamed the building in honor of Miriam F. McCarthy, who served as its first principal from 1952 - 1969. Miss McCarthy dedicated herself to Framingham for 25 years. She was recognized for high ideals and standards, her moral value, her understanding of children and her efforts to bring and maintain a rigorous quality education for all children. Past principals of McCarthy School also include Edward F. Convery (1969-1990), J. Michael Dineen (1990-1997), Nanzetta Merriman (1997-2001), Joan Vodoklys (2001-2010), Matthew Hanlon (2010-2017),  Interim Principal Dr. Frank Tiano and Dr. Jennifer Wu (2018).