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Welcome WordMasters!

Meet 3 words are coming soon

Meet 3 will be the week of April 6th

  • Top Scores for Meet 1


    Grade 5:

    Amogh Singh 16

    Hunter Luu 16

    Samantha Tsekrekas 16

    Jack Zaino15

    Nicholas Adelman 15


    Grade 4:

    Lanie Spurrell 16

    Alex Soor 14

    Sarah Orellana 14

    Cecil Kenney 12

    Jake Severson 12


    Grade 3:

    Owen Webster 17

    Gavan Napierski 16

    Niki Hong 15

    (Shanxiang) Martin King 15

    Chloe Houck 14

    Nicole Chipolone 14

  • Grade 3:

    Meet 1: Word List

    Meet 2: Word List


    Grade 4:

    Meet 1: Word List

    Meet 2: Word List


    Grade 5:

    Meet 1: Word List

    Meet 2: Word List



    What Are Analogies?

    Analogies are comparisons between two things or ideas with similar features.  In WordMasters, the vocabulary words from the word lists are used to create analogies that the student must accurately complete.  Below are some explanation videos about analogies.


    This video explains how to spot the relationships in an analogy:

    Analogy Lesson


    This video explains some of the types of analogies, how to read them and how to create them:



    This video is a bit more analogy practice...in song.

    Analogies Song


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