Brophy School Sharing One World

  • Sharing One World

    Brophy School was named for two dedicated educators: Rose Brophy, who taught 52 years at Saxonville School, and her sister Anna Brophy, who taught 48 years at Lincoln School. Our facility was built in 1968. 

    Brophy School has a long tradition for high standards and excellence in education.  Highly qualified teachers, an active principal and involved parents work together to provide a caring, learning environment for all our students.

    Below are just a few highlights of what makes Brophy unique:

    Brophy Values:
    We are very excited to tell you about our program, The Brophy Value System. This is program at Brophy was created by staff members over the summer with the help of the May Institute. We have identified four school wide values. Students will learn about these values through different lessons and activities throughout the year.

    We start each week by stating our Brophy Values:

    • Be Safe
    • Be Prepared
    • Be Respectful
    • Be Responsible

    We also work very closely with transportation to support positive behavior on the school bus. Each bus earns stars for good behavior. The driver keeps track of the stars, and every two weeks the bus can earn an extra recess.

    We feel this program will help to teach our students many of the skills that they need to succeed both in school and in the community. We encourage all parents and guardians to discuss and promote the Brophy Values with students.

    School Unity:
    Cultural Appreciation: We are fortunate to have a culturally diverse student body at Brophy. We embrace these differences in our school theme of Sharing One World. Teachers encourage students through various curricular activities to share their heritage with the others so we may appreciate our many different cultures.

    Educational Innovation:
    The administration and teaching staff embrace the opportunity to incorporate new, exciting methods to foster student learning. The SuccessMaker Learning System: SuccessMaker is an award winning, nationally recognized software package that supports differentiation in the classroom, insuring that each child can learn at their own level in literacy and math. SuccessMaker is an important tool that can provide targeted skill assessment and then create an individual learning path for each student.

    Math & Science Programs:
    Science Fair: Gives all students K-5 an opportunity to explore a subject in science outside the classroom curriculum. Each "team" of students, led by a parent or teacher "coach", researches a topic and showcases their findings at our annual Science Fair in March. It is a non-competitive evening of fun and discovery.

    Arts Programs:
    Creative Arts Program: The Brophy PTO spends a substantial portion of their annual operating budget on programs and performances that are brought into the school to enhance the curriculum or to provide cultural enrichment. These programs are specific for individual grades as well as for all-school assemblies. Recent programs have included Native American Perspectives, A visit from the New England Aquarium with creatures found in tide pools, and an annual visit from Mother Goose. Recorder Club: Lead by our Music teacher, students in 4th& 5th grades can expand on their 3rdgrade instruction of the recorder in this club. The Club which has received attention on state and national levels has performed for the school, local nursing homes and at the National Conference of Music Teachers.

    Social Activities:
    Welcome Back Picnic: Hosted by the Principal and the PTO to welcome all new students and returning students back to Brophy. Family Fun Nights: Social activities are planned throughout the year to bring Brophy students and their families together for some extra-curricular fun. Whether it is roller-skating at Roller Kingdom, sharing a pizza at Papa Gino's or celebrating the close of school at the End of Year Picnic it's a great way to socialize with other Brophy families.

    Did you Know??
    Brophy School was constructed in 1968 using a replicated design plan from Potter Road School which was built two years earlier in 1966.

    The original name of the school was the Belknap Road School.

    With two additional ASD classrooms added in 2020, Brophy now has 26 classrooms.

    Brophy School is situated on 28.13 acres of land.  On the campus is a playground, two baseball/softball fields, a basketball court and a soccer field.