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                    Liz                        Mable

    Dear Families,

    My name is is Liz, and I am a preschool teacher here at BLOCKS.  This will be my first year teaching at BLOCKS, but my thirteenth year teaching.  I love children and all the exploring, learning, and fun we get to have!

    Mable is the assistant in our classroom and together we make a great team. We look forward to learning and growing with our students!

    Some key learning goals that we have for your child this year are listed below.

    • In Language Arts, we hope that students will learn to enjoy listening to and discussing storybooks, be able to relate story plots to real life events, and engage in writing attempts on social stories and personal experiences.
    • In Math, we hope that students are working on activities designed to help them gain an understanding of number sense, geometry, measurement, and spatial relations, I hope to help them understand that math is real and all around us!  We won’t be just learning mathematical concepts in separate “math activities”, but it will be embedded into all types of hands-on learning.  I think it is very important to reinforce and practice math learning throughout the day, in school, at home, and in the community.
    • In Social Emotional Learning,   we hope to foster positive social emotional skills (including social relationships). Making new friends and learning to get along with others is an important accomplishment of the early childhood years!

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