Student Drop Off and Pick Up

  • Procedures for Drop Off and Pick Up
    Please refer to areas on the map

    Drop Off Pick Up Map If you transport your child to school in the morning, please note that cars will drive up in a line to the front door. Please pull your car forward along the front of the school where there is a sidewalk. Do not allow your child to leave your car until staff members are on duty out on the sidewalk starting at 9:00 AM. Students should exit vehicles by right side car doors directly onto the sidewalk (see #1). They may enter the building either by the front or lower door. Staff members will be on duty to guide children to their appropriate classrooms. Turn left into the parking lot to exit. A faculty member will be at point #2 stopping cars to allow buses to exit, allowing students to cross the crosswalk, and to pull cars in for drop off.

    We only have supervision between 8:50 -9:10 so please do not drop off children earlier than that time as they will not be supervised and therefore it is not safe.




    If you are bringing your child into Brophy School, you must park in one of the lined parking spots in the parking lot on the left (see B or C). You may then use the crosswalk at the front of the school to walk your child into the school.

    If you are picking up your child at 3:15, please pull your car forward in a line in front of the school. Please stay in your vehicle as buses will be passing cars on the left. Staff members will be checking with each driver and calling children to the appropriate car. We are asking each family to have a clearly visible sign with the child’s name in the window. This will help to expedite the process. Please remain in the line, in your vehicle and for the safety of everyone, do not pull out unless waved ahead by a staff member.

    If you are coming into the school at dismissal time, please park in a lined parking spot in the lower parking lot closest to Pleasant Street (see C). You may then walk into the school using the crosswalk near the front door. Please be aware of all car and bus traffic.

    Walkers should not arrive at school before 9:00 in the morning as there will be no supervision until that time. At dismissal, walkers will meet a staff member in front of the cafeteria and in front of the gym. Children will be escorted by a staff member to the appropriate path. Walkers must stay on crosswalks.

    Thank you for your patience and cooperation. We look forward to a safe and productive opening to the school year.