Welcome to Ms. Clift's Classroom Page!


    What's happening in third grade right now?

    Reading: We are finishing our first reading unit, Building a Reading Life. During this unit, we focus on learning what good readers do. This includes reading books like they're *GOLD*, writing about our reading, and using strategies to figure out the meanings of new words. 

    Math: We have been just begun our multiplication and division unit. We are connecting multiplication to repeated addition and will be drawing arrays to represent equal groups. Later, we will begin dividing objects into equal groups. At this end of this unit, we will be able to determine which factor in a problem, the number of groups or the number per group, is known or unknown. 

    Writing: We are finishing up our personal narratives. We have been working on adding lots of descriptive details to our stories to make our readers feel like they are watching a movie. We focused on expanding the hearts of our stories by telling what happened bit-by-bit. 

    Social Studies: We have spent this unit learning all about maps and Massachusetts! We learned about the key features of a map, such as the key, scale, and compass rose. We also learned about some of the natural and human features in each region of Massachusetts. 


    Room M3's Specials Schedule: 

    Monday: PE - make sure to wear your sneakers! 

    Tuesday: Art

    Wednesday: Music

    Thursday: NONE

    Friday: Library Media - remember to bring your library book back today!