Welcome to the Framingham City-Wide PTO

  • Framingham City-Wide PTO is the umbrella parent-teacher organization for all the Framingham Public Schools; formerly known as (and still legally named) Framingham Town Wide PTO.  

    Comprised of representatives from many Framingham school's PTO’s, Framingham City-Wide PTO focuses on issues of concern to the school system globally as well as issues specific to particular schools. By attending each school’s PTO meetings, conducting forums on a variety of topics and inviting speakers as needed, Framingham City-Wide PTO serves to educate and inform both its members and the Framingham community at large.

    The purpose of the Framingham City-Wide PTO is:

    • To act as an advocate for children and public education in the City of Framingham.
    • To work for the common goals which benefit the Framingham Public schools and children in the City of Framingham. 
    • To foster communication and coordination among each school’s PTO, the School Committee, the Framingham Public School Central Office, the individual school administrations, and the city of Framingham community. 
    • To promote and assist each school’s PTO. 
    • To exchange ideas and act as a resource group for each school’s PTO. 
    • To serve as a fact-finding and discussion body to clarify issues related to the Framingham Public Schools and to recommend or take appropriate action on such issues where advisable.

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Public Meetings

  • Public Meeting Schedule: 
    Tuesday April 13, 2021 7pm 
    Monday June 14, 2021 7pm