Welcome to my class!

  • Claire Lowe

    Room 209A

    lowe Every child deserves the opportunity to learn and reach for his/her dreams. This is what I learned from my favorite poet, Langston Hughes, and it is the philosophy of our classroom. Welcome to the third grade!

    My name is Claire Lowe. I have been very lucky to have taught fourth grade at Woodrow Wilson school since 1999 and third grade since 2017. Previously I taught at Coast Academy School in Mombasa, Kenya. I love to travel and explore the world.

    When I teach math, I try to make it meaningful to students.  I believe all students can excel in math if they focus on understanding the concepts, not memorizing formulas.  Problem solving is a big part of third grade.  Students learn to apply the mathematical skills they already know to new situations. 

     Through reading, it is possible to travel far away, hear stories of people just like you and nothing like you, find new ideas, and learn new things.  Reading is an integral part of third grade.  If you wanted to improve as a soccer player or as a piano player, you would need to practice.  The same is true of reading, so students should read daily. 

     Writing is an important form of relaying ideas and self-expression.  In third grade, children write in response to reading, essays, fiction, and personal narratives.

     In third grade we explore six IB “Units of Inquiry” throughout the school year with the themes: Who We Are, Where We Are in Place and Time, How We Express Ourselves, Sharing the Planet, How the World Works, and How We Organize Ourselves.  In each unit we ask questions and make connections through reading, writing, math, science, and social studies to construct our understanding of the unit’s central idea.  We use the inquiry method to discuss primary source photographs, analyze maps, research, and create projects. 



    Ms. Lowe