Welcome to Room 204

  • This month, we are a Community of ENGINEERS!!  I am thrilled to share all that OCTOBER has in store for our eager first grade learners.

    Throughout the month of September, we have worked to establish Readers' Workshop routines while also developing "good habits."  Topics covered include preparing  to read by checking the title, going on picture walks, making predictions, and building stamina.  Our first graders are excited to use their independent book bags and love going shopping for Just Right Books.  Moving forward into the month of October, we will be building a toolbox of decoding strategies and learning what good first grade readers do when they come to tricky words in their books.  

    We have placed a large emphasis on letter formation and handwriting throughout the month of September, along with solidifying letter names and sounds.   We have also spent time practicing ABC order and discussing syllables.  This will continue over the next few weeks.  We will also begin "tapping" building, and writing CVC words.

    Our first graders have spent time establishing routines and organizing their Writer's Folder.  We have discussed the steps that good writers follow while they are getting ready to write (think of an idea, plan and sketch across the pages, write!).  The students have also created writers' heart maps in order to support them as they brainstormed a list of topics for their work, and have begun "touching and telling" to plan across the pages.  We've also been able to begin creating our science notebooks during this time to connect with our first STEAM challenge:  Can I build a kite that flies?  Students have been working with partners or in small groups to plan their kites and shop for materials in the Maker Space.  With the planning stage complete, next up is building and testing in the upcoming weeks!  We are excited to see the results of our creative collaboration.

    First graders have been working hard to develop their knowledge of sums to ten through the use of number bonds, fact families, and addition sentences.  Our students have worked both collaboratively and independently, a practice that will continue as we extend our learning with sums to 20 in the month of October.  

    I am so proud of the learning that is taking place in our classroom each and every day.  Our first graders are curious, hardworking, and enthusiastic learners.  I am extremely excited to see what this next month of exploration and learning will bring!