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  •  In the Classroom - May 

    Reading - Our class is doing an animal research club unit. Throughout the unit, students refresh and extend upon their informational reading skills by identifying the main idea/details of texts, pay attention to different text structures (i.e. main idea/details, sequential, compare/contrast, cause/effect), and learn to gather information about subtopics from multiple sources. In the latter part of the unit, students will research a second animal and will compare and contrast the two animals their group researched. 

    Writing - Students are using their expert research to write research club books! They are very enthusiastic about their group writing! In the first bend, each student in the club researches a specific subtopic about the animal and then writes a chapter of the joint research book. Then, the group will create an introduction, conclusion, and add other text features to support their information. Later in the unit, research clubs will write a compare/contrast book for the two animals they researched. 

    We hope you can make it to our Research Club showcase later this month! Please see my email regarding the event for more information. Please email me with any questions you have regarding the event! 

    Math -  We are finishing up a geometry unit. During the unit, students learn to describe the attributes of poygons. They learn to compare and contrast the attributes of quadrilaterals, such as parallel lines, angles, and the length of the sides. During the unit, students also learn to partition polygons into equal areas and compose larger polygons from smaller polygons using tangrams. 

    Science - Students are learning about magentism, force, and motion. Throughout the unit, students explore types of forces and patterns of motion through hands on investigations. 

     2018-2019 Specials Schedule:

    Mondays - Art

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    Wednesdays - Music

    Fridays - P.E. (remind your child to wear sneakers!)