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  • November


    Reading: Room 18 readers have started reading biographies! In November, we will continue exploring narrative nonfiction (mostly biography) for this second half of our informational reading unit. The students will be thinking about what we can learn about a person from studying the things that they have said and done throughout their lifetime. We will also continue to practice applying the nonfiction reading skills that we've learned so far, such as stopping to identify the main idea and details of a passage, as well as highlighting important information.


    Writing: We are hard at work on their informational texts! This unit lines up perfectly with our informational reading unit, which gives students lots of opportunities to notice what authors do to help their readers learn about a topic. The students are organizing information about their expert topics into chapters and are adding text features, like photos, maps, diagrams, bold words, glossaries, and text boxes, to make the pieces more engaging and informative.   


    Math: We are in a multi-topic unit that includes telling time, measuring, rounding, adding, and subtracting. We will learn how to round to the nearest ten and to the nearest hundred. Our mathematicians will also build on their second grade knowledge of adding and subtracting to find sums and differences of larger numbers. We will use multiple strategies, including the place value chart and standard algorithms to help us add and subtract accurately.


    Science: As scientists we are learning about the traits that living things acquire from their parents and from their environment. We are studying the ways in which species have evolved over time, and are highlighting the adaptations that increase the chances of survival. As we approach Thanksgiving, we will begin our Social Studies unit on the Wampanoag people. We will study their history and daily life.


    Scholastic Class Code: If you are ordering books from a Scholastic flyer or on the Scholastic website, you can type in our class code, NLCXR, to help us earn points for more classroom books! 


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