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  • September


    Reading: We are currently in our first reading unit, which is all about building a reading life in our classroom. During the unit, students learn all about great reading habits that will carry on throughout the year and beyond.  This includes reading books like they're gold, responding to their reading in a reader's notebook, and using strategies to figure out the meanings of new words. 


    Writing: We are in the midst of a unit on personal narratives. We have been working on adding lots of descriptive details to our stories to make our readers feel like they are watching a movie. We are also focused on elaborating on the hearts of our stories by telling what happened bit-by-bit. 


    Math: We are starting a unit on multiplication and division. In the unit, we will be connecting multiplication to repeated addition and will learn to draw arrays to represent multiplication. Later, we will be connecting multiplication to division by understanding that with division you are solving for an unknown factor. Additionally, we will be learning about two properties of multiplication: commutative and distributive. Students will use these properties to help them solve multiplication problems more easily. 


    Social Studies: Our first unit is all about maps and Massachusetts! Students will understand the features of a map, including the key, scale, and compass rose. They will also learn some of the natural and human features of each region of Massachusetts. 


    2019-2020 Specials Schedule:

    Mondays - Library & Media

    Tuesdays - P.E. (remind your child to wear sneakers!)

    Wednesdays - Art 

    Thursdays - Mindfulness 

    Fridays - Music