Welcome to Room 16!


    What are we learning?

    Reading: In reading, we are continuing to read fiction books with characters. We have studied the basic story mountain and thought about how a character moves through a story. We are finishing up our book club books, where students have been independently reading a chapter each day, jotting in their notebook about it, and meeting with their book clubs to discuss! Recently, we have been thinking about the end of fiction stories. Good readers think back about how characters have changed and what they've learned. In addition, we think about lessons that the book can teach us. We are also now pushing our thinking about author's craft. We ask ourselves questions like "Why did the author include...?" We just finished our read aloud book, Because of WinnDixie. Ask your child about this book! 


    Math: In math, we are continuing to study multiplication and division. We will be continuing to use the distributive property to break up larger facts. We are also working on our fact fluency and thinking of the most efficient way to solve certain facts. For example, for 4's facts, we use the Double Double strategy. For 6 facts, we multiply by 5, then add another group. We will continue to use these strategies until the students have a good handle on their facts and are able to remember them! We will all be working on fact fluency, and hopefully we will know our facts well enough to solve them without using skip counting each time. 


    Writing: In writing, we are writing persuasive essays.  We are working on writing strong thesis statements like " I believe we should have language classes at Hemenway". Then we are thinking about reasons and examples that connect with our thesis statements to try to convince our audience to share our opinions! Ask your child what their thesis statement is!! 


    Our character trait of the month is Acceptance. Throughout the month we will be reading stories and having discussions about acceptance. All Hemenway Tigers accept others for who they are! 

     Ask your child about the photos below! This should get them talking about their book clubs. Ask your child what types of things they share about! What do they like about being in a book club? 


    Guiding Questions:
    -What is happening in this picture?
    -What did you learn?
    -Were there any challenges?
    -What was successful?

    Questões guias:

    -O que está acontecendo nessa imagem?
    -O que você aprendeu?
    -Houve algum desafio?
    -O que foi bem sucedido? 

    Preguntas de ayuda:
    -¿Qué está sucediendo en esta imagen?
    -¿Qué aprendiste?
    -¿Había algo complicado?
    -¿Qué tuvo éxito?




    Room 16 Specials Schedule: 


    Monday: Art with Mrs. Brown

    Tuesday: Music with Mr. Smock

    Wednesday: PE with Mrs. Schlegel 

    Thursday: Library Media with Mrs. Rothwell

    Friday: Mindfulness with Mrs. Brown