Welcome to Room 16!


    What are we learning?

    Reading: We have been readingnonfiction books about animals. We've been learning how to take notes while reading and then organize those notes into categories! We've been learning all sorts of cool facts! We've read about 2 animals and are searching for similarities and differences. As a class, we've been studying penguins and frogs. Each group is reading about other animals. Ask me about which animals I've been learning about! 

    Math: We have been working on geometry. Learning about different shapes and their attributes. Some ways to describe shapes are by discussing their angles, parallel lines, length of sides, and number of sides. We will be working on our multiplication fluency facts over the next few weeks until the end of the year! 

    Writing: After reading all about animals in reader's workshop, we are writing our own expert books about animals! We are gathering notes and putting them into writing. We are writing these books in groups, and are each in charge of a specfic chapter. As a group, we will put our chapters together to create a whole book about an animal! We will also write a mini book comparing and contrasting two animals that we have studied in reading. 





    Guiding Questions:
    -What is happening in this picture?
    -What did you learn?
    -Were there any challenges?
    -What was successful?

    Questões guias:

    -O que está acontecendo nessa imagem?
    -O que você aprendeu?
    -Houve algum desafio?
    -O que foi bem sucedido? 

    Preguntas de ayuda:
    -¿Qué está sucediendo en esta imagen?
    -¿Qué aprendiste?
    -¿Había algo complicado?
    -¿Qué tuvo éxito?




    Room 16 Specials Schedule: 

    Monday:PE with Mr. Cincotta 

    Tuesday: Music with Mr. Griffin

    Wednesday: Library Media with Mrs. Rothwell (try to bring your books back by Tuesday if you're finished with them!) 

    Thursday: None :) 

    Friday: Art with Mrs. Brown


  • 5/31 Come see our Animal research books from 9:45-10:15! 

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