Welcome to Room 16!


    What are we learning?

    Reading: In reading, we just finished a unit on Building our Reading life. We reviewed strategies like making strong predictions, visualizing, and clarifying challenging words. We read the book Stone Fox during this unit to help us practice these strategies. We are now moving onto a new unit called Reading to Learn. We are reading nonfiction books. We will start by thinking about how nonfiction reading is different than fiction reading. We will also learn how to use text features to help us when we are reading. 


    Math: In math, we are learning multiplication and division. We have started off by learning what multiplication really means! We are modeling multiplication and division problems using models like equal groups, arrays, and tape diagrams. We are reading word problems carefully and determining which numbers are the number of groups, size of the group, and total. We are also working on using math vocabulary, like factor and equal groups, when explaining our work! 


    Writing: In writing, we have been writing personal narratives. These are true stories about a moment in our lives. Ask your child what they are writing about! We are also studying mentor texts like the book Come On, Rain... and thinking about how we can make our writing more like this. The author, Karen Hesse does a great job making a movie in our minds. We are working to write with lots of detail, dialogue, and vivid vocabulary. 


    Science: In science, we are starting a unit on Life Cycles. We will look at life cyles of several different living things and compare them! 



    Guiding Questions:
    -What is happening in this picture?
    -What did you learn?
    -Were there any challenges?
    -What was successful?

    Questões guias:

    -O que está acontecendo nessa imagem?
    -O que você aprendeu?
    -Houve algum desafio?
    -O que foi bem sucedido? 

    Preguntas de ayuda:
    -¿Qué está sucediendo en esta imagen?
    -¿Qué aprendiste?
    -¿Había algo complicado?
    -¿Qué tuvo éxito?




    Room 16 Specials Schedule: 


    Monday: Art with Mrs. Brown

    Tuesday: Music with Mr. Smock

    Wednesday: PE with Mrs. Schlegel 

    Thursday: Library Media with Mrs. Rothwell

    Friday: Mindfulness with Mrs. Brown 



  • 10/3 Curriculum Night for Parents!

    10/4 Pajama and Stuffed Animal Day! 

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