Welcome to Room 16!


    What are we learning?

    Reading: In reading, we are reading nonfiction books. We started by thinking about how nonfiction reading is different than fiction reading. We learned how to use text features to enhance our reading. We are working hard to stop and think about the main idea after we read a section of text. Some sentence starters we are using for jotting are 

    I think...

    I wonder...

    I used to think...but now I know...

    This section is mostly about... 


    We are also reading narrative nonfiction texts, which include biographies. We are working on pulling out important information from these stories to make a summary. We are also using traits to describe the people we are reading about by using evidence from the text. 


    Math: In math, we are learning about ALL SORTS of things that have to do with measurement. We are reviewing time telling and solving elapsed time problem. In addition, we will be learning ways to measure the mass of an object, or the liquid capacity of a container. After that, we will review our addition and subtraction skills and add to them with some new strategies. 


    Writing: In writing, we are writing expert books. We have each chosen a topic that we want to teach people about. So far, we have thought about chapters/subtopics that we want to teach about. We used boxes and bullets (a graphic organizer) to help us brainstorm facts that will go in each chapter. We are drafting our chapters now! While drafting, we are making sure to connect our ideas with transition words, make our writing clear to our readers, and fully explain our topics the best that we can. Ask your child what they are writing about!! 


    Science: In science, we in unit on Life Cycles. We looked at life cyles of several different living things and have compared them! We are now thinking about specific traits that animals and people have, and how livnig things adapt to their environment. 



    Guiding Questions:
    -What is happening in this picture?
    -What did you learn?
    -Were there any challenges?
    -What was successful?

    Questões guias:

    -O que está acontecendo nessa imagem?
    -O que você aprendeu?
    -Houve algum desafio?
    -O que foi bem sucedido? 

    Preguntas de ayuda:
    -¿Qué está sucediendo en esta imagen?
    -¿Qué aprendiste?
    -¿Había algo complicado?
    -¿Qué tuvo éxito?




    Room 16 Specials Schedule: 


    Monday: Art with Mrs. Brown

    Tuesday: Music with Mr. Smock

    Wednesday: PE with Mrs. Schlegel 

    Thursday: Library Media with Mrs. Rothwell

    Friday: Mindfulness with Mrs. Brown