Welcome to Room 16!


     What are we learning? 


    Reading and Writing: The reading and writing units that we are working on are very closely connected. We are practicing close reading skills while reading stories, passages, articles, and biographies. Close reading is when we read with a pencil/highlighter in hand! We stop and jot often in order to make sure we are stopping and thinking about our reading. In writing, we are writing literary essays about read aloud books and independent reading passages. When writing a literary essay, we pick a big idea or thesis about a text. Then we expand on that with reasons, examples and evidence. We set it up similarly to our persuasive essays in that it has an introduction, a few body paragraphs, and a conclusion. 


    Math: We have started the fractions unit! So far, we have been working on identifying fractions, modeling them clearly and comparing them! We have worked hard to partition a whole neatly into equal parts and use this to model the fraction. We use models and manipulatives to help us do things like compare fractions and solve word problems. 


    Social Studies: We are learning about Massachusetts' role in the Revolutionary War. Some of our focuses are the Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, and some of the battles that occured in Massachusetts. Students learned what itf felt like to be colonists when I taxed them for simple activities throughout the day! After we learn about some of the battles, we will learn all about the Declaration of Independence and some of the people who played an important part in the Revolution. 



    Boston Massacre  

    Guiding Questions:
    -What is happening in this picture?
    -What did you learn?
    -Were there any challenges?
    -What was successful?






    Room 16 Specials Schedule: 


    Monday: Art with Mrs. Brown

    Tuesday: Music with Mr. Smock

    Wednesday: PE with Mrs. Schlegel 

    Thursday: Library Media with Mrs. Rothwell

    Friday: Mindfulness with Mrs. Brown