Welcome to my class!

Room 11


    Sue       Pam

         Sue                                 Pam 

    My name is Susan Bairos, aka “Sue” I have been teaching for about 20 years! I love to use humor/silliness & lots of movement to engage the my students into learning.

    You will be amazed at just how much your child will learn and progress this school year. This is center based learning classroom promotes learning through language based activities within social and interactive play, exploration, and daily exposure to structured educational materials and activities.

    Our goals for the classroom for each student

    • Develop their total communication-language skills through enriching hands-on experiences.
    • Develop  academic understanding through multi-sensory instructions
    • Develop  social skills through direct social skills training, interactive play  and role playing
    • Most importantly to learn through fun/silly activities


    A preschool poem to remember:

    I am in preschool
    I was not built to keep still
    To keep my hands to myself
    Take turns, be patient,
    Stand in line, or be quiet
    I need
    Motion, novelty, adventure, silliness
    And to engage the with my whole body.
    (trust me I’m learning)