Welcome to our class!

Room 15


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           Renee                         Melinda                     Sue

    Hi my name is Renee and this is my 20th year teaching! When I am at home I enjoy spending time with my husband, my three daughters and my pets!

    I love teaching at BLOCKS and enjoy coming back to school each September. Melinda, Sue and I have been a team for many, many years and that is one of the many reasons our classroom runs so well. We enjoy our walks around the school as it gives opportunities to practice a variety skills including following directions, practicing vocabulary and exploring nature.

    Some of our goals this school year will be to continue to:

    • Support and increase each student’s independence in daily living skills as well learning about the feelings of ourselves and others. We will continue to learn how to interact with our peers, negotiate disappointment and increase our self-awareness at each child’s level using modeling and guidance throughout their day.
    • We will look at, and explore many different types of texts in our classroom including: pictures, books, sentence strips,social stories, poems, songs and fingerplays throughout our day to continue and increase each child’s vocabulary and interest in reading.
    • Each day we will practice language and math skills through games, circle time activities, interaction with staff and peers as well as using books and technology to expand our knowledge.

    Melinda, Sue and I cannot wait for our year to get underway...we have a lot of fun things to start and a lot of learning to do!