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Room 6

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           Mike                                       Iris                                         Lucy

    I have been a Special Education Teacher here at BLOCKS since the 2000-2001 school year. I enjoy participating in a variety of physical activities such as running, biking, and outdoor sports. Working in this classroom allows me to work in a close hands on physical manner, to create hands on concrete interactions and experiences for my students which I enjoy doing.  My students learn in a structured classroom with a low student to teacher ratio.  Our students learn in a fun, positive, hands on manner, during play, naturally occurring and structured daily activities.

    Classroom Goals:

    1. SocialEmotional: Child will regulate their own emotions and behaviors, will follow limits and expectaions.  *Example: respond to changes in adult tone of voice. Will accept redirection from adults.
    2. Literacy: Child will demonstrate knowledge of print and its uses. Shows interest in book.   * Example: Gaze at pages of book. Bring book to adult to read.
    3. Cognitive: Child will demonstrate positive approaches to learning. Child attends and engages.  *Example: Pays attention to sights and sounds. Will sustain interest in working on a task.