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    “You’re off to Great Places!  Today is your day!  Your mountain is waiting, so…..get on your way!

    -Dr. Seuss

    We look forward to providing your child a safe, welcoming, nurturing and engaging environment.  We will expose the children to all areas of the curriculum and provide social opportunities to interact with their peers and adults throughout the day.  We believe that play is an intricate part of a young child’s development and is a basis for learning social/emotional skills.  Through play children will learn negotiating skills, cooperation, sharing, and language development.

    We want all children to be exposed to all different kinds of literature and begin the process of developing early literacy skills through the appreciation of books.

    We want all children to have fun with numbers and begin to develop math skills through games, books  and songs.

    We love the outdoors and will take every opportunity to enjoy the New England weather!

    Jannine & Amy