Welcome to our Classroom!

Room 10

  • Geralyn               Mable

          Geralyn                                  Mable


    Welcome to Room 10 at BLOCKS Preschool, where I have taught since 2003!  

    I love teaching Early Childhood and believe that the foundational skills of social and emotional awareness are a KEY to future success!  Prior to teaching young children, I was a Middle School Special Educator in Boston and in Cambridge.  

    There is such unobstructed JOY in young children, and I believe that if my students leave Preschool loving to learn, they will meet the world’s challenges with perseverance and resilience.  

    Mable Su and I have been working as a Team for the last 8 years.  She herself is a trained Teacher, though after having 3 children of her own, is happy to work as an Assistant.  Mable finds much joy in teaching and learning with the children.  

    Here in Room 10, we learn through play.  We learn how to problem solve, how to ask questions and how to work together.  We love to learn through nature and believe that there are lessons within each season.  We believe in exposing children to all of the standards of Early Childhood Learning and expanding on those in which the children are most interested.  As a Special Educator, I know that each child learns differently and a strength of mine is to discover that way of learning that best suits each child. Center based learning allows us to meet the diverse needs of our students and delve deep into areas that are more challenging and also those that are more exciting!

    We are thrilled to have you join us!  

    Geralyn and Mable