Welcome to our class!

Room 1



    Dear Families,   

    Welcome to room one!  In our classroom we hope that each of our students go home saying, “My teacher gave me the best gift of all….believing in me!” We begin each day by giving your child a compliment, something to take with them that helps them to feel good.  We believe that once a child feels good about themselves they are able to help others to feel good.  They feel comfortable and in control of themselves and are ready to learn!  We model what we believe all through our school day.  

    By giving children extended times for uninterrupted play, children have an opportunity to become invested in their explorations, creations, and to engage in socio-dramatic play.  We try to include literacy, math, science, social studies, and the arts in each of our “units of study”.  We encourage exploration and discovery.  We are using the STEM approach to learning.  We employ activities that are designed for multisensory learning and that are research-based, and developmentally appropriate.  Above all, we offer a nurturing environment that supports all learners.

    This year, some of the goals we will we working on with your child are as follows:

    1. Children will show an interest in varied topics and activities, an eagerness to learn, creativity, and independence in their interactions with activities and materials.
    2. Children will learn and use words and concepts that parallel the information available in activities and materials.  
    3. Children will use math regularly and in everyday routines to count, compare, relate, and problem solve.
    4. All children will develop and display a sense of self, and confidence in their abilities!


    Thank you,

    Carol Vinci and Nora Boucher