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    Dear Families, 

    I love working with children at the Preschool Level. I enjoy being the student and parents first school age experience. Working in Framingham has allowed me to work with children and adults from many different backgrounds and cultures. These experiences have helped me tremendously grow as a teacher and I continue to learn something new each day.

    Look forward to working with you this year.


    This year my primary goals for your child are as follows...

    1. Literacy,  is very important at the Preschool Level. It is my hope to work on promoting Literacy Skills such as oral skills, vocabulary, print awareness, letters of the alphabet, love of books, and listening comprehension.
    2. Social Emotional and Interpersonal Skills begin when a child is born and this continues to be one of the most important aspects of preschool. Much of student learning especially at the preschool level involves social interactions. My goal in this area of development is to help children follow classroom rules, get along with other children and adults in the classroom, play and work cooperatively and develop a caring attitudude. 
    3. Music and Art that is integrated into learning activities. I would like to use varied materials to promote all aspects of learning. I will use music activities, different mediums and textures for art activities as well as movement and dramatic play to engage all students.

    Please visit our daily schedule page to see what our typical day looks like.