Welcome to our class!

  •      Elvira             


    “This world is but a canvas to our imagination.” Henry David Thoreau


    Dear Families,

    I love art and I bring it to my classroom every day. Art enables children to express themselves, develop motor skills, promotes language development, decision making, visual discrimination, creativity, cultural awareness and so much more. Expect to see lots of paintings and art projects throughout the year.

    Looking forward to working with your child.



    This year, my primary goals for your children’s learning will be:

    • To provide children with opportunities to explore a variety of printed materials in different subjects (for example: storybooks, factional and informational books, books about science, books about social studies, especially those that relate to families and different cultures).  Children will also be provided the opportunity to explore with print through poems, songs, the alphabet displayed in the classroom, literacy games, and create letters at the writing center and other activities in the classroom.
    • To provide children with the opportunity to explore mathematical concepts through concrete experiences that are embedded in all daily classroom activities, which will be incorporated into the block area, sand and water table, the house corner, art activities, table-top play, etc.
    • To provide structured activities where children in our classroom learn to take turns, to become independent in following routines, interact with peers and adults, engage in meaningful relationships with others, control emotions, and develop a positive self-image. These skills are crucial for children’s successful participation in school and home experiences and for their overall growth.