Student & Program Profile

  • Student Profile

    Grades 9 –12
    We serve eligible students who:

    • May have experienced academic difficulties in a traditional high school setting
    • Have withdrawn from school before their scheduled graduation and wish to return in order to obtain their high school diploma or may potentially drop out in the near future.
    • Are parents or expectant parents; unable to regularly attend school following a traditional schedule.
    • Require employment for family support which may interfere with part of the student's instructional day.
    • Are preferably 16 years old or older.

    Program Profile

    Five components are integrated into our program.  We hope to maximize the student's chance of success in school… and beyond.

    Academics: A self-paced, academic program with computer-assisted instruction, online enrichment, modified schedules, a later starting time and credit recovery options.

    Counseling: A full-time social worker who provides individual support, crisis intervention, and collaborative problem-solving strategies.

    Study Skills: Students receive help in developing good study habits and learning strategies.

    Pregnancy and Parenting Counseling: We provide community and resource referrals, including educational components and parenting support.

    Work Study Component:  A carefully monitored  program which enables students to accumulate academic credit in an ongoing Career and Life skills course. Students  gain valuable work experience, earn additional employment credits towards graduation and earn an income.