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Hemenway Kindergarten Classrooms


    Staying Connected


    Hi Families! We hope this note finds you all well and healthy.  The Kindergarten Team would like to let you know that we have all set up a ClassDojo.  You will be getting an email that has a link to set it up for you and your child.  If you haven't received one yet, please email your child's teacher and they can resend the invite to you. If your child see's Mrs. Burnell for ESL you will be receiving two invites. One from your child's homeroom teacher and one from Ms. Burnell.  On our sites you will be able to see read alouds, morning messages and other daily activities for your child to solidify some Kindergarten skills while we are home.  As always, please let us know if you have any questions or need any assistance. 
    The Kindergarten TEAM
    Michaela Strom
    Kim Rosenberg
    Katie DeCourcey
    Christina Cueroni
    Katie Clark 
    Courtney Burnell 


  • Welcome to Kindergarten!

    We are so excited to meet you and to have you at Hemenway! We cannot wait to begin working with you and your child this year. We will be using our website and emails to easily share all the information about your child’s Kindergarten experience.

    We will have our supply lists, as well as everything else you may be wondering about or need on our personal pages. Please see the directions below on how to access it and how to translate the page if needed.  



    Hemenway Kindergarten Teachers


    How to access your child’s classroom teacher’s webpage

    1. Go to the Framingham Public Schools webpage
    2. Click on Translate< at the top left of the page.      
    3. Choose your language
    4. Click on Select a school< in the top left corner.    
    5. Choose Hemenway Elementary School
    6. Click on the CLASSROOMS tab and choose Kindergarten
    7. On the right hand side of the page choose your child’s teacher and you will be directed to your child’s classroom for all important updates.
    8. Teachers will send out a class email with the words Website Update! When they post new and important information for you to check. 


  • Kindergarten Staff Members 


    Kimberly Rosenberg - Room 1

    Katie Spring- Room 1


    Christina Cueroni -Room 2

    Kayla Phillips - Room 2

    Robin Plitt - Room 2


    Katherine Clark- Room 20

    Lynda Schneeloch -Room 20


    Michaela Strom- Room 25

    Mercedes Lagan- Room 25


    Katie DeCourcey-Room 27

    Kristie Barry - Room 27


    Michelle Gibson- All rooms

    Courtney Burnell - Room 21

    Shawna Clark -Room 8, 10 20, 22

    Armandina Testiler - Room 25, 27 & 21