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        We are pleased to report that the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has approved Framingham’s pooled testing application. We are currently working with our DESE assigned vendor on testing logistics and consent paperwork which we will be aligning with our scheduled return of students. Pooled tests combine respiratory samples from several students and then conduct one laboratory test on the combined pool of samples to detect SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. If a pooled test result is negative, then all individuals within that pool are presumed negative and may remain in school. If a pooled test result is positive, then all individuals in the pool must be retested individually.

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      Emergency Support

      • Emergency Contact Information

        • MASS -211: https://mass211.org/ (Call 508-532-2255 or Text ‘c2t’ to 741741)
        • IM Hear – Texting Program from Samaritans Suicide Prevention for Teens
        • DCF Child-at-Risk Hotline 800-792-5200
        • National Runaway Safeline:1-800-786-2929
        • Samaritans Statewide Helpline: 1-877-870-4673
        • SafeLink domestic violence hotline: 1-877-785-2020
        • New Hope, Inc Domestic/Sexual Violence Hotline: 1-800-323-4673
        • Voices Against Violence Hotline - 1-800-593-1125 or 508-626-8686 (TTY-friendly)
        • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
          • Spanish Language: 1-866-628-9454
          • Deaf and Hard of Hearing: 1-800-799-4889
          • Veterans: 1-800-273-8255
          • Disaster Distress: 1-800-985-5990
        • The Trevor Project (24/7 LGBTQ crisis intervention/suicide prevention hotline) - 1-866-488-7386

      COVID Symptoms

        • Fever, chills or shaking chills 
        • Temperature of 100.0 F (37.7 C) or higher
        • Loss of taste or smell
        • Cough
        • Shortness of breath or trouble breathing
        • Headache
        • Sore throat
        • Fatigue or unusual tiredness with one other symptom
        • Body pain or ache
        • Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
        • Runny nose or congestion

        According to the CDC, symptoms of Coronavirus can begin to appear anywhere between two to 14 days after exposure.

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