Framingham City-Wide PTO Executive Board Position Descriptions

  • We Want You!

    The Framingham City-Wide PTO is looking for volunteers to be elected to the executive board at the June 8, 2022 public meeting. These positions include: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, as well as a non-executive board position of Social Media Chair. Each position can be shared. Please read the descriptions of the positions below and reach out with any questions or if interested in joining: or

    Additional information on CWPTO can be found on Facebook:

    Framingham City-Wide PTO Executive Board Position Descriptions

    Presents and disseminates votes and decisions to the public. Calls emergency meetings. Appoints members to ad hoc committee(s). Plans and conducts the meetings in an orderly, organized manner. Serves as press liaison for the organization. Attends meetings as described below.

    Arranges for and publicizes programs and speakers. Replaces the President in the event of an absence. Assists the Executive Board with tasks such as but not limited to serving on committees, communicating with City leaders, organizing guests for meetings and other duties as needed. Attends meetings as described below.

    Records the minutes of the executive and general meetings. Records attendance at all Framingham CWPTO and Executive Board meetings, which is to be included in all meeting minutes. Ensures that all data on the organization’s website, social media and other agreed upon means of communication is up-to-date and accurate. Distributes the minutes via email no more than 10 business days after the meeting. Maintains the
    roster of the members of the Framingham CWPTO, with names, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses of all members or their representatives. Maintains a complete file of all meeting minutes. Attends meetings as described below.

    Dispenses appropriated funds, keeps financial records, and prepares and files financial statements as necessary, working within all city, state and federal laws. Attends meetings as described below.

    Non-Board Member Social Media Chair
    Posts all announcements and communications authorized by the President and/or Secretary of CWPTO, and maintains the Facebook and any other social media presence of the City-Wide PTO.

    Time Commitment:
    Each executive board member serves a one-year term. The executive board meets monthly. Given the constraints of Covid and limited board participation, the executive board has suspended the usual assignment and obligation to attend at least 5 individual school PTO meetings per school year. CWPTO hosts at least 3 public meetings per school year.

    The Framingham City-Wide PTO (CWPTO) is the umbrella parent-teacher organization for all the Framingham Public Schools. Comprised of representatives from many Framingham school's PTO’s, CWPTO focuses on issues of concern to the school system universally as well as issues specific to particular schools. By attending each school’s PTO meetings, conducting forums on a variety of topics and inviting speakers
    as needed, CWPTO serves to educate and inform both its members and the Framingham community at large.

    The purpose of the Framingham City-Wide PTO is:

    • To act as an advocate for children and public education in the City of Framingham.
    • To work for the common goals which benefit the Framingham Public schools and children in the City of Framingham.
    • To foster communication and coordination among the PTOs and the school administration
    • To promote and assist each school’s PTO.
    • To exchange ideas and act as a resource group for each school’s PTO.