Communications Project Request Overview

  • The Communications Office is launching a new project request and project management process. As the capabilities of the Communications Office have expanded, the project requests have increased as well. The content shared below is targeted to FPS employees, therefore any links to Google Documents will require an FPS email to view. 
    The Communications Office supports departments and schools with a variety of creative project requests as seen here in the Comms Office Menu. The outline showcases recurring project request categories and the associated elements that may accompany a particular ask.
    The new project request process is: 
    1. Email the Communications Office with "Project Request: _______" as the subject line. Please include the project title within the subject line. In the email, include two windows of meeting availability (45 minutes).
    2. In the first meeting, we will complete the creative brief together to document project details.
    3. Following the meeting, we will email the creative brief for review.
    4. In the creative brief, there is a link to a project tracker including document status updates, proposed deliverable dates, and other notes.
    This is a first pass at a solution with the tools we currently have access to. We will be exploring other tools or platforms to help streamline this process as necessary. This may be a little more work upfront, but will be helpful and valuable to better manage time and scope of projects. We appreciate cooperation with this new process. Feedback is welcome along the way and it is our hope this added tracking and opportunity for project visibility will improve internal partnership and deliverability.