•                     B.L.O.C.K.S. PTO Merchandise Sale                      

    Dear parents and friends,

    We are excited to offer BLOCKS preschool merchandise! As you know, these sales are part of the PTO’s fundraising efforts and your support is greatly appreciated. We ask that students wear BLOCKS preschool shirts on the field trips we take throughout the year. There are also adult sizes available if you think you could join us as a parent volunteer or just to show school pride! Thank you for all of your support.  Please print this page and return it, along with the payment, to your child's teacher. 

    Child’s Name: ________________________________

    Teacher: _________________________________    Classroom #___________


    TOTAL AMOUNT DUE (add amounts in boxes) $ ____________

    Please make checks payable to BLOCKS PTO.     _______ Check        ______ Cash

    SPONSOR: I would like to sponsor merchandise for a preschool child and I am sending in a contribution of $ ______.