Standardized testing & AP Exams

  • Be sure to look at Ms. Erikson's 'Standardized Testing' Canvas page for detailed information on the following:

    • SAT + ACT registration instructions
    • SAT + ACT study resources
    • Fee waiver information
    • Testing accomodations
    • TOEFL registration

    What tests are offered at FHS? 
    For the 2021-22 school year, only the SAT will be offered at Framingham High School. Students may take the ACT at other high schools. 

    Important SAT/ACT Test Day Information:
    Make sure you bring what you need for test day! This includes a printed copy of your admissions ticket, a photo ID (a school ID is valid), No.2 pencils, and an approved calculator (the list can be found here). Need help registering? Contact Ms. Erikson (

    What is the Difference Between the SAT/ACT?
    There are a few key differences between the SAT and the ACT. ACT scores range between 1-36, and SAT scores range between 800-1600. The ACT allows a calculator to be used for all math sections; the SAT only permits a calculator on some sections (though, both tests focus on arithmetic, Algebra I&II, Geometry, and Trigonometry). ACT does have a science focus, unlike the SAT. *Both the ACT & SAT are accepted by almost all colleges/universities in the U.S.

    Should I take the ACT/SAT Combo Practice Test?
    Yes! For all the reasons above, you may have a standardized test preference. The only way to find out which one you have is to take a sample of each test. Contact Ms. Erikson for details on how to find an online combo practice test.

    Do I Qualify for a Fee Waiver, & Where Do I Get One?
    Do you have free/reduced lunch and/or receive any financial assistance? If so, you qualify for a SAT fee waiver! A fee waiver covers the cost of up to two SAT tests and three SAT Subject Tests. If you need an SAT or ACT fee waiver please contact Ms. Erikson ( and she will get you a code and help you register.

    How do I Send Schools my ACT/SAT Scores?
    Official SAT/ACT scores must be submitted through their respective websites. Scores are NOT sent by FHS students’ respective colleges. Four score sends are covered by the registration fee for both the SAT and ACT. Students who qualify for free/reduced lunch get up to eight free score sends.

  • Standardized Testing Canvas
  • Register for SAT
  • Register for ACT

    All of the below practice exams are free for FHS students, and will be held virtually through Revolution Prep.

    • SAT Mock: Saturday, February 5th @ 9: 00 AM ET
    • ACT Mock: Saturday, February 12th @ 9: 00 AM ET
    • SAT Mock: Saturday, April 2nd @ 9: 00 AM ET
    • ACT Mock: Saturday, April 9th@ 9: 00 AM ET

    Framingham High School SAT and ACT Dates.pdf 

    The SAT and ACT, which cover the entirety of your child’s high school learning, can seem daunting and overwhelming, but if your child is prepared, they’ll feel less overwhelmed. The best way to prepare is to practice. Proctored practice tests are an opportunity for your child to work on pacing and endurance in a setting that best simulates the test day environment. Plus, you can see your child’s score instantly in the Revolution Prep mobile app. So remember to pack a smartphone! Register by the Wednesday before the exam date at:

    Weekly, free SAT & ACT practice tests with Study Point. Improve Your SAT or ACT Score From Home: Free Virtual Practice Tests Every Week. Register here

    • SAT (Regular Length) | Saturday, January 22nd @ 11:00 AM EST
    • ACT (Regular Length) | Sunday January 23rd @12:00 PM EST

    • ACT (Regular Length) | Saturday, January 29th @ 12:00 PM EST
    • SAT (Regular Length) | Sunday, January 30th @ 11:00 AM EST

    • SAT (Regular Length) | Saturday, February 5th @ 12:00 PM EST
    • ACT(Regular Length) | Sunday, February 6th @ 11:00 AM EST

    • SAT (Regular Length) | Saturday, February 12th @ 11:00 AM EST
    • ACT (Regular Length) | Sunday, February 13th @ 12:00 PM EST

    • ACT (Extended Length) | Saturday, February 19th @ 11:00 AM EST
    • SAT (Regular Length) | Sunday, February 20th @ 12:00 PM EST

    • ACT (Regular Length) | Saturday, February 26th @ 12:00 PM EST
    • SAT (Extended Length) | Sunday, February 27th @ 11:00 AM EST

    • SAT (Regular Length) | Saturday, March 5th @ 12:00 PM EST
    • ACT(Regular Length) | Sunday, March 6th @ 11:00 AM EST

    • SAT(Regular Length) | Saturday, March 12th @ 10:00 AM EST
    • ACT (Regular Length) | Sunday, March 13th @ 12:00 PM EST