COVID Communications and Updates for FPS Staff

Announcements and Updates

  • Risk Mitigation Toolkit: 11/22/21

    The resource linked below outlines key practices that Framingham Public Schools are following to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission. While it is impossible to eliminate all risk, this resource promotes clear communication aimed at lowering the risk of transmitting COVID-19 among staff, students and families. Please use bits and pieces in your communication regarding the school day, special events, and as needed.

    FPS Risk Mitigation Toolkit

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  • Event / Activity Form: 11/17/21

    If you are planning an in-person event for students or any segment of the FPS Community, please remember to complete the Event / Activity Form: (In order to know what is happening in the District and in our buildings and to ensure that COVID Protocols are being considered and practiced, and measures are in place to support contact tracing, the Superintendent and the COVID team are requesting all in-person event proposals be submitted in writing using this form. This form should only be completed once the building Principal or their designee has reviewed and approved this event.)

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  • Staff Vaccination Attestation: 11/16/21

    Vaccination is one of the District’s key mitigating measures against COVID-19. Knowing the vaccination status of all employees allows us to develop efficiencies and embark on decision-making to ensure the safety and well-being of our student and staff community.

    While staff members are not required to get the vaccine, attestation is required of all employees, regardless of vaccination status. All FPS employees (who have not already done so) will be required to provide proof of their vaccination status by Tuesday, November 16, 2021. Proof of vaccination will be submitted via TalentEd. Go to TalentEd Record. Click on Available Forms. Click on COVID Vaccine Attestation. You can upload a photo of your vaccination card. Alternatively, you can send it to Stephanie Ristuccia ( 

    Note that all vaccine information will be handled in accordance with applicable privacy and confidentiality laws and regulations. Proof of vaccination includes a copy of the COVID-19 vaccination card or documentation from an employee’s health care provider. No other personal medical information will be requested by the District. Failure to provide proof of vaccination will require staff members to submit to weekly testing. Failure to do so may result in discipline, up to and including termination.

    Thank you very much for your cooperation and for your continued efforts to keep our schools and workplaces safe for our entire school community.

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