Equity Audit 2020 - Introduction

  • The document linked and displayed below is an Equity Audit Report resulting from an effort initiated by Framingham Public Schools (FPS) to better understand the ways in which systems, structures, policies, and practices impact FPS students, staff, and families. Equity, as defined by FPS, means promoting just and fair inclusion throughout FPS and creating the conditions in which everyone can participate, prosper and reach his, her, or their full potential.

    Through this externally-conducted equity audit, the district hopes to have a better understanding of stakeholder perspectives and opportunities for creating a more equitable system that supports the success of all FPS stakeholders. FPS partnered with Mass Insight Education & Research to conduct this equity audit to:

    1. Gather information about the district’s current strengths and areas for growth relative to diversity, equity, and inclusive practices and policies;
    2. Prompt reflective conversations about the current status of diversity, equity, and inclusivity as compared to its desired state; and
    3. Identify opportunities to improve equitable practices throughout the district by providing recommendations designed to focus attention and resources to fully support our diverse student, staff, and community.

    Please review the Equity Audit here: Framingham Public Schools Equity Audit - Final Report, completed by Mass Insight Education & Research [Opens PDF in a New Window]


FPS Equity Audit - Final Report

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.