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    Register a new pre-schooler student (Tuition based)
    Registre um novo aluno pré-escolar (com base em mensalidade)
    Registrar un nuevo estudiante de preescolar (basado en pagos mensuales)

    BLOCKS Program Applications 
    Important Note: 
    Please complete this application and once your child has been accepted into the program, we will notify you of the registration process.  
    PLEASE do not register your child on the Parent Information Center website.  THANK YOU! 


    Nota Importante:
    Complete la solicitud  y una vez su hijo haya sido aceptado en el programa, le notificaremos cual es el proceso a seguir para finalizar la registración. POR FAVOR, no registre a su hijo en sitio web del Centro de información de padres. ¡GRACIAS! 
    Nota Importante:  
    Por favor, preencha este formulário e assim que seu filho for aceito no programa, iremos notificá-lo sobre o processo de registro. POR FAVOR, não registre seu filho no site do Centro de Informações aos Pais. OBRIGADA!

     Click here and you will be redirected to the BLOCKS Program page for more information 

    Clique aqui e você será redirecionado para a página do programa BLOCKS para mais informações 

    Haga clic aquí y será redirigido a la página del programa BLOCKS para obtener más información.  


    Register a new pre-schooler student that receives special education services

    • TO START

      Please fill out the required online pre-registration and choose an appointment time for a phone interview at the end of the application.
      A registrar from our Center will contact you regarding the next steps necessary to complete your child's registration.

      • Schools are legally required to collect copies of specific documents in order to enroll students. (see below)
      • Completing the online registration process at home at your convenience will save you time.
      • Additionally, if you are registering multiple students, the information in the first form will be pre-loaded into the second registration form when you use the link on the Submission Confirmation page to register another student.
      • We recommend using a non-mobile device to complete this task if possible, as it is easier with access to a keyboard.
      • Important: All the information regarding language exposure will be reviewed by our Bilingual Department and a determination will be made whether language proficiency testing is necessary. Your child will be required to complete an English proficiency evaluation (currently being done virtually due to COVID-19). Program recommendations will be made according to the test results. Testers will discuss results with parents. Click here for detailed information from the Language Assessment Office. 



      School Enrollment Information for Children Who have Lost Their Housing

      If your family lives in any of the following situations:

      • In a shelter
      • In a motel or campground due to the lack of an alternative adequate accommodation
      • In a car, park. abandoned building, or bus or train station
      • Doubled up with other people due to loss of housing or economic hardship
      • In a foster placement

      Your school-age children may qualify for certain rights and protections under the federal McKinney-Vento Act. Click here for more info

      If you believe your children including preschool-age children may be eligible, contact the local homeless liaison to find out services and support may be available.

      McKinney-Vento Clinical Care Coordinator - DCF/Foster Point of Contact

      Jacob Hanson
      Phone: 508-782-6894
      Fax: 508-628-1308

      Homeless Liaison - Enrollment and Transportation
      Rosangela Ferreira
      Phone: 508-424-3420

      Fax: 508-879-1023

      Click Here to Contact Us


      Documents required for registration 
      Homeless families are encouraged but not required to provide these documents. 

      • Your child's birth certificate - (Long-form/Government issued)
      • Proof of residency - (Signed lease or Mortgage/tax bill)
      • Proof of occupancy - (utility bill)
      • If you are living with friends or family please fill out a Residency Affidavits 
      • Proof of parent/guardian's identification (Driver's license)
      • Your child's most recent physical examination and immunization record
        (Must be within the last 12 months) and completed online Health Forms
      • Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan - If a child receives Special Education Services
      • Proof of guardianship/custody - If a child is not living with one or both natural parents 


      Upload the required documents here.