Introduction to Wraparound Services

  • Who We Are 
    The wraparound team is a group of individual coordinators who work collaboratively with families, students, school staff and community organizations to ensure families have access to resources. We aim to support the Framingham Public Schools theory of action to provide each student with personalized interventions and accelerations, and advance the achievement, success, and wellness of all students. (Strategic Plan 2020-2023)

    What We Do
    Wraparound Coordinators support the office of Equity Diversity & Community Development, which aims to systematically implement best practices and boldly innovate. The wraparound team emphasises this by supporting the co-development of a positive and affirming school culture. The team works proactively and intentionally to improve the climate and culture of the school; and support family empowerment, while partnering with community organizations to facilitate prompt access to the holistic needs of students and their families. 

    Support family empowerment, engagement and access to services. 

The Wraparound Process

  • The wraparound process is depicted on a timeline.

    Proceso de servicios completos se muestra en una línea de tiempo


    Processo de Serviço Abrangente