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    The collaboration between The Early Childhood Alliance of Framingham (ECAF) and partner MathWorks to promote STEM education for our youngest learners resulted in a product that allowed us to train educators and families on laying the foundation of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math at the earliest point in life when learning is easy and natural.  Young children are born scientists and engineers, they are naturally curious and enjoy solving problems. As children discover the world around them they are learning and experimenting every step of the way. Introducing the ideas of STEM to preschoolers is fun and easy. Exploring the way the wind moves objects (science!); using tools to observe collected sticks, rocks, and leaves (technology!); building a tower with blocks (engineering!); and cutting, sorting, and recognizing shapes (math!).

    STEM learning can support early math development and critical thinking skills in preschoolers today that will encourage aspiring future scientists, developers, engineers, and mathematicians like the ones at companies like MathWorks. 

    The following booklets provide a variety of activities that introduce STEM concepts in a fun and playful way that will inspire young ones to keep exploring, and keep learning.  

    Introduction & Appendix 
    Book 1
    Book 2

    Science & Technology
    Book 2 

     Engineering & Math
    Book 3
    Book 3