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  • Program Overview
    Framingham Public Schools (FPS) is seeking to expand the 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) after school program from Walsh Middle School to also include programs at Cameron and Fuller Middle Schools. If awarded, this grant will provide continued and additional support for academically enriching programming during out-of-school time that is designed to help close proficiency/opportunity gaps, increase student engagement, support social and emotional learning, and promote high school and college readiness and success.

    The Office of Community Resource Development is committed to providing interactive, relevant and engaging support that meets the specific academic, social and emotional learning and developmental needs of all referred middle school students. 

    Overall program will focus on integrating English Language Arts (ELA) skills, building student relationships with both peers and adults, as well as engagement and learning. Enrichment activities will be identified through a student/parent and staff interest survey to identify programs that spark student creativity and curiosity, while meeting the diverse needs of all student learners. 

    Overarching priorities include the following:

    • Providing more time to deepen student learning by implementing innovative teaching and learning strategies
    • Implement well rounded programming that includes, but is not limited to, project-based learning, media technology, health and wellness, arts and music, Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and other academic enrichment programming that addresses student needs and interests
    • Support the development of systems of support and programming that are culturally relevant, and leverages the knowledge, strengths, and assets of students, families, educators and the community
    • Provide activities that are not otherwise accessible to students and expand access to high-quality services in the community
    • Effective family engagement strategies that are culturally responsive, collaborative and demonstrates an understanding of different languages, norms, and values with a goal of contributing to student outcomes in all developmental areas

    Program Tracks
    Project-Based Enrichment Activities
    Framingham Public Schools will partner with the MetroWest YMCA to provide a diverse array of structured activities. Through Social-Emotional Programming students will engage in physical activity and STEAM Project-Based Learning.

    Leadership Skills
    Through a series of high quality engaging activities students will explore and expand their Digital Skills, understanding of Community Advocacy and Entrepreneurship.

    High School and College Readiness
    In partnership with The Metrowest College Planning Collaborative (CPC), students participating in this track will benefit from the mission of the Metrowest CPC with training, mentoring and advising of youth on their desired pathway to higher education. Skill sets to be explored through engaging activities may include Organizational Skills, Time Management, Finance Management, Academic Skills, Technology, Mindfulness, Stress Management, Identity, and/or Community Building

    Program Funding
    The FPS 21st Century Community Learning Centers after school program is funded by a federal grant from the U.S. Department of Education and administered by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).