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  • Quarantining and isolating are related but distinct approaches to limiting COVID-19's spread. 

    In short: Quarantine if you have been exposed, isolate if you're sick!


    You must isolate if you are symptomatic or have tested positive for COVID-19. This means you must be alone, without direct contact with anyone else, until you can no longer spread the virus. This typically lasts about 10 days.


    You must quarantine if you were exposed to someone with COVID-19 but haven't shown symptoms or had a positive COVID-19 test. In order to manage the spread of COVID-19 across our community, all Framingham residents, including those aged 0-18 who have been exposed to COVID-19 and determined to be a close contact will quarantine for a minimum of 7 days. This includes exposures that happen in school, as well as, non-school related activities. 

    Individuals can be released from Quarantine on Day 8 if:

    • A test (either PCR or Abbott BinaxNOW antigen) taken on Day 5 or later is negative; AND
    • The individual has not experienced any symptoms up to that point; AND
    • The individual conducts active monitoring through Day 14; AND
    • The individual is cleared by the Framingham Board of Public Health

    Individuals in quarantine must actively monitor symptoms and should take temperature once daily.  If even mild symptoms develop or the individual has a temperature of 100.0 F, they must immediately self-isolate, contact the public health authority overseeing their quarantine and get tested. They will then need to quarantine for 14 days.

    This year FPS will be participating in the DESE “Test and Stay” Quarantine Protocol.  Under the “Test and Stay” protocol, students and staff who come into contact with an individual who tests positive at school, on the school bus or at a school sponsored extracurricular activity will have the option to participate in the “Test and Stay" quarantine protocol and be allowed to attend work/school with testing. Those who participate in the FPS “Test and Stay” quarantine protocol may remain in school as long as they have no symptoms and participate in daily COVID-19 testing at school. Click here for more information on the Test and Stay Quarantine Protocol.

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