• Framingham Public Schools is rolling out


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    A Teacher / Administrator Communication Tool
    Smore is a newsletter platform that allows all FPS staff to send visually compelling, web-based, accessible emails. While District and School administrators can send Smore Newsletters to families via Blackboard, Teachers and non-teaching staff can use Smore itself, or Remind. Smore offers administrators, educators, and support staff an effective way to communicate about school happenings, important dates, PTO info, and more. 

    One of the best features that Smore has to offer is the ADA Accessibility and Interactivity options. A recipient can translate the newsletter into many languages, use High Color Contrast mode, or increase the font size.

    Accessibility Icon       If you open a SMORE on your phone, you’ll need to click the "Accessibility Icon" to view the translation options.
    How to translate Smore Newsletters
    Si abre SMORE en su teléfono tendrán que hacer clic en "Accessibility Icon" (el ícono de accesibilidad).
    Se você abrir um SMORE no seu telefone, você vai precisar clicar o “Accessibility Icon” (Ícone de Acessibilidade) para ver as opções de tradução.