Flyers After School
  • Cameron



  • Nayagara Viera
    Manager of Secondary OST

  • Mission

    The Office of Community Resource Development (CRD) serves as a facilitator for the Framingham Public Schools in providing multifaceted, comprehensive, and holistic learning opportunities to all students through programming that addresses social and emotional development and provides academic supports that complement the school day.                  

    CRD offers and manages quality after school programming for FPS middle Schools. Operating year round, Flyers After School aligns school-day curriculum with fun and engaging STEM activities for students in grades 6th through 8th. With full time district Coordinators at each site, Flyers After School has the ability to build relationships with school day teachers, building administrators, support staff and parents to offer quality after school clubs and programs. Sites include: Cameron, Fuller, and Walsh.

  • 21st Century Community Learning Centers Programming

    The program is uniquely designed to support students beyond the bell with leadership, project based learning, and college and career readiness. The program is a collaboration between the Framingham Public School Community Resource Development (CRD) Department, Metrowest YMCA, and Metrowest College Planning Collaborative.

    Students will participate and earn:

    • Incentive prizes (sweatshirts, water bottles, field trips, etc.)
    • Mentorship with community partners
    • Field trips (in Spring of 2022- pending COVID restrictions)
    • High School credit (7th and 8th grade students are eligible for a HS credit with 90% attendance)