Framingham School Breakfast & Lunch

  • All Schools meet national USDA lunch standards:

    • Half of ALL Grains served are whole grains
    • Sodium is actively reduced
    • Fruits and vegetables are offered at every meal; including dark leafy greens, orange vegetables, and legumes
    • Daily meat or meat alternative is offered at breakfast
    • All Milk is either low fat or fat free
    • Meals are designed to meet calorie ranges for that specific age group
    • NO trans fat is serve

    Monthy menu plus alternative meal options including:

    Sandwiches; Turkey, Ham, PB, PB & J

    Middle Schools
    Chili, Soup, or Pasta, Cheese burger, Ham Burger, or Hot Dog

    High School:
    Salad, Smokehouse, Custom Deli Sandwiches, Nachos, Pizza, andmuch more!