• All Framingham Public Schools are welcome to the Mass4YOU Employee Assistance Program! As an active state or municipal employee, you have access to a valuable free benefit designed to enhance your overall well-being. The Mass4YOU program is here to support your work-life balance by connecting you to a wide range of resources. It's free, confidential, and available 24/7, ensuring that you can access the help you need whenever you need it

Program Overview

  • GIC health insurance coverage is not required to access the many Mass4You EAP work/life and other support services. Through Mass4You, GIC benefits-eligible employees and their families can find easy access to a comprehensive suite of free, confidential support available 24/7, including:

    • Three in-person or Tele-EAP (virtual) counseling visits per issue per year – at no cost
    • 30-minute telephonic or in-person legal or mediation consultation per issue per year– at no cost
    • Guidance from a financial advisor to help with debt, foreclosure, financial planning, and more
    • Get referrals for a variety of Work-Life convenience services: child care, elder care, and more
    • Access to Optum’s 24/7 confidential Substance Abuse Treatment Helpline and a licensed clinician
    • No formal enrollment is required.

Mass4You Contact Information