• Summer Institute 2020 Questions and Answers



    • How will the classes be structured?

    The classes will be taught remotely, and there will be a start time in which the teacher will have a live activity and attendance is mandatory. Afterwards, it is the teacher’s discretion, but the majority of classes will have independent work with the opportunity to connect with the teacher either through email or a videoconference. 


    • How will students be graded?

    Grades will be based on attendance and work completion. Teachers will have some flexibility in determining their own grading system, which they will communicate to the students. 


    • What if we have a family vacation planned during the classes?

    If you can log in to the class from wherever you plan on going, that is fine. However, class attendance is mandatory. 


    • Will students need WiFi and a device in which they can be online?

    Yes. We are looking into providing all students with chromebooks and hot spots. 


    • Can I register if I have to miss classes?

    Students can miss no more than one class before risking loss of credit/passing the class. Any unique situations should be communicated ahead of time with Mike Tarlin, the Summer Institute Director. 


    • When will I know whether the class has enough students to run?

    The cutoff dates are June 26th  for all Original Credit classes and June 30th for Credit Recovery classes. We will post all classes that are running on these dates. 


    • How can I find out information about new offerings or any other relevant information?

    1) Please check out our website entitled “Summer Institute.” It can be found on the Framingham Public School website under the Community Resource Development section. 

    2) Follow us on twitter at Framingham Summer Institute @FHS_Summer


    • What if I am not sure about what classes I need to take?

    Please email Mike Tarlin at mtarlin@framingham.k12.ma.us or Rich Walcek at rwalcek@Framingham.k12.ma.us


    • Is there a lot of homework assigned?

    The expectations are for the majority of the work to be completed in class. 


    • How much does each class cost, and how do I pay for the classes?

    An Original Credit class costs $245.00, and a Credit Recovery class costs $195.00. After registering online, please press the “submit” button. This will lead to some different options for payment. 


    • What is the difference between an Original Credit class and a Credit Recovery class? 

    An Original Credit class gives a student credit towards graduation requirements and is often taken so a student can have some flexibility in his or her schedule for next year. A Credit Recovery class is taken to regain credit for a class that the student did not pass. This often allows a student to be promoted to the next grade. 


    • How do I register for Summer School? 

    Go to the Framingham Public School website and click the section entitled “Community Resource Development.” Afterwards, look down the left hand margin and click “Summer Institute.” This will bring you to the registration. 


    • How do I know if I need to take a class or if I am eligible?

    Guidance counselors call homes after the final report cards are sent out. If a student did not pass a class and the teacher did not put the comment “not recommended for summer school,” he or she is eligible to attend. If there are any questions, the student should email his or her guidance counselor and vice principal. 


    • What if I need to set up a payment plan or want to speak about the payment process?

    Reyad Shah and Mike Tarlin will be present at the Fuller School for individual and private discussions. They will be available on the following dates and times: 

    Tuesday, June 23 from 9-11 

    Wednesday, June 24 from 9-10:30