• How do you connect a Chromebook to wifi?

    A: The Chromebook wifi settings are found at the lower right hand of screen. Click on the wifi drop down to see a list of available wifi.

    Find the wifi you want to connect to, click on it and provide the required password.

    Wifi Access

    Q: How to login to the school issued Chromebook?

    A: Chromebooks use a school email/Google account as the username and the password associated with that account to sign in.  These devices will ONLY work with a school / District issued log in. The user name is the child’s school email account.  Personal gmail accounts will not work.  The account format for a school email account is first initial, last name (up to 15 characters, use both last names, if there are two) and the last 4 digits of the student’s LASID (or lunch number) @fpsed.org.

    Example:  Student Name = Jose Da Silva  LASID= 123456

    Email= jdasilva3456@fpsed.org

    If you need help with determining your student’s email account, please contact your school or their teacher and that information can be provided. You can also find their username in Aspen X2 under MyInfo.

    Students grades 3-12 should know their email and passwords and sign in just like they regularly do at school. If a student has forgotten their email or password or needs their password to be reset - please contact your school or child’s teacher and they will put in a request to have the password changed. It should be reset within 24 Hrs. You will be contacted with the new password information.

    BLOCKS Students and Grades K-2 have been accustomed to going onto the Chromebooks at school while in ‘Kiosk mode’. At home they will need to sign in with their school Google account and will need adult assistance to learn how to access. Their email is in the same format as all students but their password has been set to their DOB in the format of year, month, day. (YYYYMMDD). Example: January 7, 2014 = 20140107

    Any student that has never signed into their school email/Google account in the past will see a Google agreement come on screen upon sign in before they can proceed on the Chromebook. Please scroll down and accept the agreement to access the device.

    First Time Logging In:

    Chromebook Google Sign In Screen

    Enter username and click next

    Chromebook Google Password Screen

    Enter password and click next.

    Google Agreement Screen

    If you see this Google agreement, please scroll down and click ‘Accept’ to access the device.

    Google Acceptance Screen

    Q: I have logged onto the Chromebook and I am getting a screen that is asking me to enter my old password to unlock the device.  I can’t get in, what do I do?

    A: The Chromebook is trying to sync with old data which is not necessary.  You can finish signing in by clicking on “forgot password”

    Then Click on “ Proceed anyway”

    Q: What to do if a school issued Chromebook is not working?

    A: At this time, we are asking teachers/schools to be the contact point between families and the Office of Technology for when help is needed for school issued devices.  When you contact your school or student’s teacher - they will take information regarding what is the problem and your contact information. They will then submit a helpdesk request with our Office of Technology on your behalf.

    Once the Office of Technology is made aware of the problem, someone will be in contact with you with further instructions. Processes for repairing/replacing devices issued for home use during this unprecedented time are still being developed.  We ask for your patience and cooperation.


    Chromebook Troubleshooting (common issues)

    Q: What should you do if the Chromebook won’t power on?

    A: Try plugging in the device into a power outlet to check the charge. It may have a drained battery and needs to recharge. If it does not start after charging, please contact your school/teacher to report the problem.

    Q: What should you do if the Chromebook screen is dark but the power light is on?

    A: Sometimes the Chromebook will put itself in a protective mode if it has experienced some sort of trouble.  To test to if this is the problem:

    Chromebook Keyboard

    • Hold down the ESC, Refresh, and Power keys down at the same time.
    • If the screen lights up to a repair screen - hold the power button down until the device shuts down, then try to power it up again. 

    This will fix the problem if it was in protection mode. If the screen still does not light up, please contact your school/teacher to report the problem.

    Q:  The touchpad is not working.  What do I do?

    A:   First try shutting down and restarting the Chromebook.  This often will correct the problem. If that doesn’t work, a USB mouse should allow you to continue working.  If you do not have a mouse, please contact the school/teacher to report the problem and we will try to work with you to resolve the issue.