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    Framingham Public Schools is working with Edulog to provide families with a mobile app to track the location of their child’s bus. 

    The hope is that families will have peace of mind knowing the location of the bus before it comes to pick up children and drop them off at school - and likewise, in the afternoon, it lets parents/guardians know where the bus is as it approaches the child’s drop-off in the afternoon.

    The Transportation Department will still send real-time messaging via in app messaging if your bus number changes for a particular run due to a driver shortage. If this happens, you will receive instructions to follow the substitute bus for that day. To receive these operational messages, please be sure to enable your notification settings. To read those messages, you will need to visit the homepage and tap on the envelope icon in the top right corner.

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    Download The App

    The app is called Edulog Parent Portal Lite and can be downloaded for free.

    iOS App Store

    Google Play Store

    Parent Portal Lite - App Store

    Parent Portal Lite Android Play Store QR Code

    Registration (first-time) 

    • Select Sign Up
    • Enter your email address
    • Create and confirm a password
    • Add your first and last name
    • Tap ‘Sign Up’

    Confirm Your Email 

    • Check your email
    • Open the email from "support@edulog.com" and click on the link to activate your account
    • Account verification will appear


    • Enter Email Address and Password
    • Tap Log In

    Access Location

    • Tap Allow to allow the app to use your location for orienting the map. 

     No Vehicles

    • No vehicles will be listed until you subscribe to a district.  

    Select Framingham Public Schools

    • Tap on Districts in the menu
    • Then click on Subscribe 

    Enter the Registration Code: Registration Codes are unique for each bus. You will receive your registration code via email or can obtain it from your school secretary.

    • Enter the code, then tap Ok 


    • Tap on your district name to view the bus list. 

    Follow Buses

    • Tap on the slide button to activate your child’s bus. 

    Where’s My Bus

    • Tap "My Bus" in the main menu below the map

     Add Alert

    • Slide up the bus list window
    • Tap "Add Alert Zone"

    Alert Zone

    • Pan the map to your home's location or enter address
    • Enter an alert name
    • Adjust time, radius, and tap "Save"

    View Alert

    • Alert Zone information will appear

    Notified: On the Homepage, you will see alerts only if notifications are ON

    Settings: Tap on "Settings" in the main menu for:

    • Notifications
    • Password
    • Profile (pencil icon)


    • Select "Notification Settings"
    • Enable Notifications
    • Tap on "Bus Notifications"

    Bus Notification / Reading Messages

    • Enable bus or buses
    • Slide button to allow notification for substitute buses
    • To read messages, go to Home
    • Tap on envelope in upper right hand corner

    Password: If you ever need to change your password, go to "Settings" and click "Change Password"

    • Enter your email
    • Tap "Submit"
    • Check your email
    • Tap "Ok"

    Profile: Verify your information and then select the calendar icon to add your birthday

    Questions? Before contacting your school or the Transportation Department, please have the following information available:

    • Your name
    • Email address used for Edulog Parent Portal Lite account
    • Your child's first and last names and student ID (LASID)
    • Your child's bus number
    • Question or description of issue

    For subscription management, general troubleshooting, or to receive password reset information by email, please contact the Transportation Department.