Do's and Dont's

  • Student safety is our number one priority. Our schools have safety plans in place to handle a variety of situations and security issues, in coordination with local law enforcement and first responders. 

    Help us keep your child safe by following these emergency DOs and DON’Ts. 

  • DO

    Prepare in advance...

    Bookmark our website
    We will post the latest available information on our homepage and will also create broadcasted alert which will pop up on the necessary websites. Check back frequently for updates and instructions on when and where you can pick up your child if parent pick-up is necessary.

    Get Connected
    Make sure we have your current phone number (for phone calles and texting) and email address so we can reach you quickly with an automated call, text, or email about an emergency situation. Update your contact information with your school office.

    Like and Follow us on Social Media
    Check our Facebook and Twitter feeds @framinghamps for the latest information and updates. 

  • DON'T

    If something happens ...

    Don't rush to the school
    Coming to school may put you or your child at great risk. Additional people on the scene distract first responders from their primary job – student safety. Instead, check our website, Facebook or Twitter feed, your email, or your phone for information and instructions.

    Don’t call the school or district office
    Resources are stretched thin during emergencies. Incoming calls take away from our ability to get updates to you through our website, email, and phone calls.