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Elementary and Secondary Summer Programs

  • The Department of Community Resource Development will be providing a variety of programs throughout the Summer. Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

    Summer Scene

    Registration for Summer Scene is now closed.

    Art Track

    In the Art program, students are exposed to a variety of art styles and forms. Students will explore different artists, their styles, and recreate famous artwork. Each week will cover a different theme such as fashion and environmental art. Students will experience a blend of creating art, an outdoor play inspired by art, and art and artists throughout history.

    Athletics Track

    In the Athletics program students are taught the fundamentals of teamwork, skills, and drills in different sports such as soccer and basketball, and a variety of teambuilding group games to build community. Focused on safe movement, this program will also provide students opportunities to learn about famous events, athletes, and more. 

    STEAM Track

    In the STEAM program, students work individually and in teams to experiment, construct, and engineer with a wide range of materials and objects to create robots, art, and anything imaginable! Problem solving is a big part of this track - students will spend time both indoors and outdoors using their brains to solve a variety of problems! Each week students will learn and build through different themes such as inventions, science experiments and have access to different technology to bring their creations to life.

    Framingham Youth Theatre Company (July 5th - July 29th)
    The Youth Theatre Company will rehearse, act, sing, dance, and design our way to two productions:  Fairy Tale Themed Musical Review for entering 1st-3rd graders and Into the Woods Jr. for students entering grades 4-8. All of the workshops are run by FPS Directors and Choreographers and will include, voice, dance, acting, and technical theater. The program requires a four-week commitment due to the productions.

    Flyers After School at Cameron
    Join our summer community to learn about resetting for your future success. We will learning about college, finding our own voice, branding ourselves for success and our futures as professionals.  Spend days with friends learning how to reset and take care of yourself while you achieve.  The following are our modules for Summer 2022

    • Mondays:  Community, Voice and Teamwork and Storytelling
    • Tuesdays:  The Universe, Mars the Moon and College- Go to Framingham State each Tuesday to learn about college and Space.
    • Wednesday:  Explore and Grow OUT: Excursions to the city- Kayak on the Charles, Harvard Tour, Black Heritage Trail, State House, University Visits and Castle Island
    • Thursday:  Learning to Lead, Wellness and Art
    • Friday:  Career Speakers Go Series

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    Flyers After School at Fuller
    In partnership with the YMCA, this 4 week program focuses on health and wellness, chemical reactions in the body and social emotional learning.  Students will learn how to use various cooking equipment, tools of measurement, proper food and kitchen safety and grow their skills to cook and develop recipes. Students will learn about foods from around the world, agriculture and sustainability in the kitchen, and the importance of physical activity and how to incorporate movement into their daily lives. We have been partners with the YMCA throughout the school year and the past few Summers. Students must attend the program for all 4 weeks. Cooking kits will be loaned to students so they can participate fully in the program.

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    Flyers After School at Walsh
    In a partnership with Access TV,  this 4 week program focuses on media production. Students will learn cameras, editing software, green screens, audio, script writing, and acting. We will partner with Framingham Access TV again this summer. Students must stay on the program for 4 full weeks. Media kits will be loaned to students so that they can participate fully in the program.

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    Framingham High School - Summer Institute

    Original Credit Courses

    Original Credit classes are condensed versions of electives that are traditionally offered during the school year. Original Credit classes, offered by FHS Summer Institute, meet Monday through Friday for four weeks.  Students that pass an Original Credit Class will be granted a .5 credit towards the graduation requirements of that classes’ discipline. Passing a Summer Institute class allows for more freedom and control over a student's schedule the following academic year. All students are encouraged to register!

    Courses: Creative Writing, Health, Lifetime Activities, Study Skills

    Credit Recovery Courses

    Credit Recovery classes allow a student to receive make-up credit for a course that was completed during the school year where the student received a failing grade. 


    • English 1
    • English 2
    • Grade 11 English / Grade 12 English 
    • Modern World History
    • US History 1 / US History 2
    • Geometry
    • Algebra 1
    • Algebra 2
    • Earth Science
    • Biology
    • Chemistry