• In 6th Grade Chorus, we spend 10 days focusing on:

    Ensemble Building





  • Goals For Choir

    • Form and improve healthy singing habits.
    • Develop a strong singing posture.
    • Demonstrate growth in musicianship, including rhythmic and pitch accuracy, phrasing, and healthy vocal projection.
    • Perform choir repertoire from various styles of music.
    • Sing in a variety of languages.
    • Demonstrate proper performance etiquette.
    • Demonstrate teamwork, respect, and a sense of community
  • 6th Grade Concert

    There is no concert performance for 6th grade Choir.



    Students must do the following to receive an “A”:

    • Participate positively.
    • Consistently follow classroom expectations [Daily grade out of 10]
      • 5/10 points: Does not follow classroom expectations
      • 6/10 point: Rarely follows classroom expectations
      • 7/10 points: Sometimes follows expectations
      • 8/10 points: Working on following classroom expectations
      • 9/10 Points: Mostly Follows classroom expectations
      • 10/10 points: Always follows classroom expectations

    Photo of Samantha Goldberg

    Samantha Goldberg
    Chorus Teacher and Musical Director

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