Dual Language Family Advisory Council

  • DLPAC Framingham

    The Dual Language Parent Advisory Council (DLPAC) was formed at the end of 2019/2020 school year to enhance and support the educational experience of all students in the dual language programs at Framingham Public Schools and to foster strong relationships and communication among parents, educators, and administrators in the dual language programs

    The DLPAC is also a resource dedicated to enhancing families’ experience in the Dual Language Program. Each Dual Language Program school has at least one representative as a first point of contact. DLPAC membership is free and automatically includes any parent or guardian of a student currently enrolled in a dual language program and any faculty member/staff working in a dual language program at Framingham Public Schools.


    Please consider joining the DLPAC at our next meeting to help us advocate for and support our children in dual language programs!


    Join our Facebook group: Framingham Dual Language PAC and follow our page Framingham Dual Language Parent Advisory Council-DLPAC.


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