• Construction Activities Look-Ahead

    Updates made: (11/9/20) - Consigli

    Construction Activities Look-Ahead 

    • Continue framing Breakout Spaces A-E
    • Complete installation of Brick/CMU facade for building
    • Continue MEP rough installation
    • Completion of Skylight installation
    • Beginning of Metal Panel installation

    Recent Milestones

    • Substantial Completion of North elevation masonry
    • Completion of all concrete slabs for building
    • Substantially Completed main roof membrane installation
    • Began Installation of Interior Drywall

    With the substantial completion of sheathing and AVB for the building envelope, the focus has shifted to the interior drywall, MEP rough and skylight installation. This provides the basis for finish materials to begin being installed including flooring, paint and ceilings.

    The breakout spaces have begun to shape. The crews have concentrated efforts on the two largest spaces “B” and “C”, which are in the shapes of a decagon and star respectively. These spaces rise from the 1st floor slab up through the 3rd floor.

    COVID 19


    • Per Governor Baker’s Order, issued March 23rd and updated on March 31st, construction has been designated as an essential service. The site remains open, and construction is continuing during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
    • Consigli has been proactive in our response, placing additional procedures and safety measures in place that adhere to the CDC Guidelines and the construction guidelines issued from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to promote worker safety,
    • Impacts to manpower, material availability and fabrication are being monitored on a continuous basis, and all efforts are being made to mitigate said impacts.