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    King Explorers

    Hello King Families!

    My name is Amanda Lloyd and I have been a part of the CRD and the Explorers team for the past 3 years. I had the opportunity to hold many different roles throughout the Explorers program starting as an Aide & Mentor at Brophy Elementary, then moving to the Assistant Coordinator position at King Elementary, and now the Site Coordinator of King Elementary. I have over 10 years experience in youth work, including working with varied organizations like Girls Inc., YWCA, and more. I believe that student voice, family engagement, and enrichment opportunities for students will continue to enhance our program. My goal is to be a consistent positive influence in each student's lives and encourage learning, self confidence and fun as they grow in our community.

    Program hours:
    Before School: 7am - School Start
    After School: Dismissal - 6pm


    Registration is now open for the Explorers Before and After School program! To access our online registration page for Explorers  please click here.

    By now, you should have received information from the district regarding your student’s placement into Cohort A, S, or B. Please see below for the dates each cohort is scheduled to return to in person as well as the deadline for Explorers registration. Explorers will begin to run programming on February 24, 2021, to align with the return of Cohort S.

    For students in the S Cohort, the registration deadline is Thursday, 2/18.
    For students in the B Cohort, the registration deadline is Friday, 2/26
    For students in the A Cohort, the registration deadline is Thursday, 3/4.

    Please Note: For any before and after school program to operate, there must be a minimum of 8 students registered per day and program. I will communicate with you if there is a change to any program offerings prior to your student’s return to school.

Amanda Lloyd