• Originally Posted June 25, 2019, Updated June 14, 2021

    The establishment of the Media & Communications Office led to the exciting task of revitalizing the Framingham Public Schools website. Increased content, stakeholder use, and feedback received in meetings and online has amplified the need to make some changes, as well as, elevated areas of the site that need improvement.

    Key Considerations

    • Video has shifted and continues to be a key content format to aide in digital storytelling.
    • A diverse District like Framingham would benefit from using more universally recognized, icon-based navigation for some the key website destinations ('global icons').
    • An increase in site usage and content creation from different departments has made the 'global icons' very desirable and the current template will not allow more than 8 spots.
    • The mobile experience continues to be an area of improvement and the current site condenses (buries) all of the content. An upgraded template will expand the visibility and enhance the mobile website experience.
    • Learning and discovery have led to new processes regarding the website calendars, teacher pages, and PDFs - all of which need to be reviewed and planned for in the next design.
    • The District is currently undergoing a Logo / Branding revamp project which will determine a new set of colors and fonts.

    In short, the website was upgraded to it's current design in 2016 - in the digital world, that is a long time ago. There are updated accessibility standards, a move towards high quality images, but even more video, and in our District, there have been huge improvements on the way we share our story. The current website is functional, but we would like to re-face it, remove old and outdated content, and make it even better. 

    All stakeholders are invited to review both of the template recommendations below and then VOTE on your preferred choice! You can click on the images to view the template demo sites for a deeper dive, then scroll down to vote.
    PRO TIP: Click into the template options below and check both sites on mobile and/or reduce your browser window on desktop to see the desktop AND mobile experiences. Keep in mind, many people are looking for information on their phones.

Renaissance Templates for Comparison

  • The Renaissance Template Offers:

    • Streaming video for the District
    • Multi-media gallery (rotating images) for school pages
    • A content slider for additional information
    • Eight (8) descriptive global icons (same amount that we have now) - but those icons are clearly visible on the mobile version, making it very easy to get to the top 8 places needed on our site.
    • A sectioned look and feel for school and district homepages and cleaner subpage layouts.
    • A tabbed calendar app showcasing upcoming events in a new way (these will be unique on the school and district websites).

    Renaissance Template Full

    View the template

    This version of the template shows the Multimedia Image Gallery instead of the streaming video:


    View the template

Champion Templates for Comparison

  • The Champion Template Offers:

    • Three different options within the same template (images and links to all are below)
      • Streaming video option for the District;
      • Multi-media gallery with rotating images; OR
      • A static, simple template for school pages
    • Twelve (12) global icons (increased from 8 that we have now) - and those global icons are clearly visible on the mobile version, making it very easy to get to the top 12 places needed on our site.
    • Up-front social media icon links
    • A visually compelling image-focused announcement space
    Champion Template Full with Video

    View the template

    This version shows the simple, static version of the template instead of the streaming video or large image slideshow:

    This is a full length screenshot of the simple Champion template which puts key school-based information up front. 
    View the template

    This version shows the Multimedia Image Gallery instead of the streaming video:
  • If you've reviewed the template options and considerations above, share your vote through the google form or the simple visual poll below.

    Please note, voting indicates a visual preference which will be considered when the the final decision is made. The final decision will be made based on meeting the key considerations, as well as, additional factors such as the subpage designs, font defaults, ease of use and maintenance for school-based webmasters, and flexibility to shift between template variations.

    iPhone users: Vote for the next Website Template! | Vote para elegir el nuevo diseño de nuestra página web | Vote para selecionar o visual do nosso novo website!

    Other mobile devices or computer viewers, please feel free to choose your preference below!