• Special Education Glossary

    Posted by Natalia Kierul on 4/18/2019

    Special Education Glossary

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  • Executive Functioning - How Do I Help My Child?

    Posted by Natalia Kierul on 4/18/2019

    Executive Functioning Challenges

    Research studies have strongly indicated that executive functions (EF) are regulated by the frontal cortex of the brain, particularly by the frontal lobes. The domains of executive functioning are interactive and dependent on each other.  Many children with executive function deficits also struggle with social skills and theory-of-mind skills (ability to know what someone is thinking).

    ORGANIZATION: For many middle school students, keeping their room or locker orderly is a challenge. "Chunking" free areas of space proves to be helpful, specifically, having drawer organizers,  labeled plastic containers with lids, and extra shelving lessen the feeling of being overwhelmed. Color coding binders/folders/books will help the student find the item more efficiently, for example, you can use blue for English, green for Math etc. Organization of work, including planning and time management, is also a challenge, but technology comes to the rescue. Check out this App on Chrome for time management: Time App, Pomodoro Timer, or Track Class to stay up to date on assignments. 

    STUDY SKILLS: This video is a must to watch and contains useful tricks and strategies to study more effectively. There are also free mobile flashcards apps that can be installed on the phone, like StudyBlue App or Quizlet Mobile Apps. To improve the efficiency, use Brainscape App.

    MEMORY: Students with deficits in EF often complain about forgetting information or struggle with remembering the steps of processes they were taught. Creating checklists, singing songs (for example multiplication facts songs), and writing down directions are helpful techniques. In addition, using technology, like Stickies or Google Keep  can provide a helpful format to aid memory.   

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